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Our Story

An annual fishing tournament held the LAST SATURDAY in June. ALL money raised goes to the LOCAL cancer fund. The cancer fund distributes $100 Visa Cards to individuals in the 3-county area (Brule, Buffalo & Lyman) who are undergoing cancer treatment. The card can be used for gas to the appointments, hotel stays while there, to buy groceries for the family, pay the utility bill, WHATEVER is needed at the time! We also try and put patients in touch with a Navigator & / or social worker to help them with their process.

Donations and raffle items greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at KPI insurance, Sanford Hospital with Brenda Burull or with committee members.


Contact Kelli Potter 605-730-1967 or Brenda Burull 605-680-4494 for more information on this event or the organization.

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